Transit networks require frequent and complex operational decision making, yet today most decisions are not informed by data.

  • Lack of data analytics and automation software in transit space;

  • Budget, time and technical capabilities make tech and data solutions prohibitive for most operators;

  • Transport networks become unreliable and less profitable.


A transit platform for transport operators and cities


Supply, demand, financials


Actions to optimise recourses to achieve KPIs


Decision making and operational management

Starting with Micromobility

Micromobility (bike and scooter sharing) requires high-frequency decision making to rebalance the network. Vennle's MVP analyses, automates and optimises micromobility services to direct vehicle redistribution.

The shared micromobility market in China, Europe and the United States could reach $300 to $500bn by 2030 (McKinsey).

Estimated size of micromobility market, by region, in 2030 $

The Larger Market:

Transportation Analytics

We’re starting with micromobility, bike and scooter sharing, as a means of demonstrating our capabilities in a high-growth market with ever increasing operational complexity - micromobility operators are in need of Vennle’s Transit Platform.

However, these challenges are common to all transport modes and so Vennle's grand plan is ‘go multimodal’. We will deliver Vennle’s AI software to other transit services, such as buses, taxis, car-sharing and other intra-city applications.

Business Model

Data Analytics Platform

  • Sold direct to transport operators and cities as a SaaS offering

  • Multimodal (bike-share, scooters, car-share, buses, taxis, metro…)

Multimodal Data

  • Delivering insights from our multimodal data to other industries - logistics, smart cities, infrastructure

  • Public and private sector customers

Network Effects

Vennle's machine learning model improves itself with more operators and cities


SaaS analytics model enables all cities and transport operators to add advanced tech capabilities


Vennle is focused on delivering clear operational decisions informed by data


Addressing environmental sustainability by improving public and active modes of transport

Multimodal data

Monetising data insights enables competitive pricing to serve all customers


Vennle has access to excellent data science and software talent in Edinburgh and the UK

L-R: Jack Noble, Daniel Carbonell

Co-founders: Jack and Daniel

Jack and Dan worked together as Engineering students at The University of Edinburgh and met as leading committee members for the HYPED Hyperloop Team. Both have a strong knowledge of the future mobility industry, technical innovation and management, and have a fantastic network of mentors and specialist advisers.

Jack has a variety of experience in the transport sector. In 2017, he won The Telegraph STEM Awards for Innovation as chosen by McLaren having proposed an Autonomous Vehicle subscription model. Jack joined HYPED where he led the sponsorship efforts to raise £120k, plus £125k in-kind, for the SpaceX competition; there, Jack also performed research into Hyperloop airport integration and Mobility as a Service.

Dan gained experience at Cirrus Logic as a Software Engineering Intern before joining the HYPED team, where he was promoted to Technical Director within one year. Dan managed a team of 80 engineers and computer scientists to build a functioning Hyperloop Pod prototype for SpaceX’s competition to place 6th of 600 worldwide.

Future Industries and Applications

The long term vision for Vennle will be to innovate across the various applications and industries mentioned below, all of which experience common challenges and could unlock enormous value and opportunity with technology.


Expanding Vennle’s offering beyond micromobility to provide transport analytics for other intra-city modes.


Applying transit optimisation and automation tech to supply chain and delivery networks.

Mobility as a Service

Supporting Vennle's Transit Platform through partnerships with MaaS operators. Providing complete transit management through optimised transit supply and guided traveller demand via Vennle + MaaS symbiosis.

Smart Cities

Offering insight into cities’ movements with expanded datasets and multi-channel optimisation.


Simulating transit demand for new infrastructure using multimodal data.

Vennle has now wound up. More info: Winding Up