VENNLE Technology

Vennle’s analytics platform is designed for transport operators. Our analytics software delivers effective operational management of transit networks and smart cities.

Artificial Intelligence

Vennle’s Machine Learning and statistical modelling algorithms predict how supply and demand will change for your transport network and offer AI-driven forecasts through an easy to use web-app.

How does it work?

Once the operator supplies Vennle with the necessary data, our prediction model gets to work.

Vennle’s technology uses Machine Learning to forecast how supply and demand will change during the day, alerting operators to any potential negatives (such as over/under-stocking of cycle stations). Predictions and auto-decisions incorporate multiple datasets.

Vennle works across all your devices, making it a versatile tool equally useful for managers evaluating the network at HQ and drivers looking for the latest forecast in the field.


We are starting with micromobility analytics, including bike and scooter sharing. Optimise your redistribution strategy and gain insights into ridership and utilisation.

Automate operational management with Vennle’s smart auto-decisions, which prioritises vehicle redistribution and offers recommended actions.


Our vision is to deliver our AI-powered analytics to serve car-sharing, taxi, bus and metro operators. We’re looking for feedback from operators of any mode so we can create better products designed for you.