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Big data analytics for transit networks

Vennle delivers data analytics and automation software to optimise transport networks and cities.

Transport networks are dynamic - travel patterns change by the minute, demand alters by location and time, vehicles need to be rerouted, and there are hundreds of complex operational decisions to be made everyday.

Vennle’s software combines AI predictive modelling with data analytics to help transit operators make optimal decisions and automate day-to-day operations.

Our technology allows operators to monitor and adapt their networks to changing supply and demand. For example in bike-sharing we forecast travel patterns allowing operators to optimise re-balancing operations.

Predict, Recommend, Automate

Vennle helps automate many of the dynamic decisions required of transport operators. Our predictive models provide actionable insights to your data to help you reach your desired KPIs.


Vennle’s data analytics tools can be applied to your micromobility network. Gain insight and optimise your bike or scooter scheme for ridership, profitability, utilisation and rebalancing operations.

Vennle's Transit Management Platform

Our platform is designed to generate value from transit operations data. Vennle's SaaS platform provides insight and optimises transit services for ridership, profitability, utilisation, and operational efficiency.

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